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Sporra is the global cycling adventure game.

The world is your game board. Complete route challenges and battle friends to earn Cogs, level up and unlock new routes and privileges.


Discover beautiful, hidden gems and popular courses.

Discover new roads in your neighborhood and beyond.
Sporra curates different route challenges in your area every month, so now you have an excuse to check out that little side road you’ve always wondered about.
Tap in to invaluable local knowledge.
Exploring a new area? Check out all the best routes, find out what locals have to say about them and get updates on construction, road closures or other PSAs.
Contribute to your cycling community.
Cyclists are a close-knit group - give back the network by suggesting your favorite roads, secret trails and FYIs that make our sport so enjoyable on the Sporra Map.

Complete challenges and battle your friends to earn Cogs and climb the ranks.

Achieve your fitness goals with a little friendly competition.
Create custom challenges, set the stakes and battle your friends.
See how you stack up.
Whether your targets are weekly, monthly or all-time, local leaderboards help you keep the pressure turned up.
Get fit while matching your riding style - real or virtual.
Challenges for distance, climbing, frequency, time and calories burned will help keep you atop the leaderboard no matter where or how you ride.

Climb the ranks and enjoy unique offers, discounts, and the chance to join the Sporra Influencer Platform.

Find out what all the fuss is about.
Get unique offers and special discounts for enjoying and supporting cyclist-friendly shops, restaurants and attractions.
Earn rewards for doing what you love.
Earn bonus Cogs when you participate in a Sporra affiliated cycling events and help those who help the sport thrive.
Put your accomplishments to work.
Climb to the top of your local leaderboard and earn an invitation to the Sporra Influencer Platform where you can connect directly with the world's top cycling brands.